About Positive Tracks at the CHaD HERO

Who is Positive Tracks?

Positive Tracks, is a national youth development organization based in Hanover, NH. Positive Tracks helps young people get active and give back so youth can make the world awesome, starting with themselves. The Positive Tracks program plugs into the CHaD HERO to help youth sweat for good for CHaD.

How Positive Tracks at the CHaD HERO works.

Hilary Hubbard (Hilary.A.Hubbard@hitchcock.org), Positive Tracks Coordinator for CHaD, helps kids raise funds and awareness for CHaD via youth-centric tools, creative fundraising ideas, hands on help, and matching dollars. Every dollar raised by CHaD HEROES age 23 and under, or funds raised by teams that are 50% youth under 23, gets matched by Positive Tracks.

Find a Starting Line.

Contact Hilary Hilary.A.Hubbard@hitchcock.org for help getting started!

Already a Positive Tracker? Don't forget about social media! Talk about your CHaD HERO fundraising and Positive Tracks. When posting use #postracks #chadkids and #chadhero. You can follow us at:




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