10K Hike

If you want to get off the beaten path, or want to take on more than 5K but less than 13.1 miles register for the 10K hike at the CHaD HERO.

The 10K hike lets you take in the beautiful sights of fall in New England. The trail heads out of Hanover through a residential area before ducking in the woods where you will be greeted with inspirational signage. There are 2 water stops along the way to refill a water bottle or grab a snack. The trail then joins up with the last bit of the half marathon course as hikers make their way back to the finish line and the HERO festival.

Hikers are invited to start their walk anytime between 9:45am -1:00pm on CHaD HERO DAY with 2 exceptions:

  • Hikers are not permitted in the starting area between 11:15am and 12:30pm during the official start for Cam's Course, or the 5K and half marathon runs.
  • Hikers need to plan to finish their walk by 3:00pm when course support ends.

Hikers are asked to stay on sidewalks and marked trails. The hiking course is not appropriate for strollers. Please check and follow all local regulations if you would like to bring your dog.

Check out the course map and register!

Contact us if you have further questions about participating in the CHaD HERO.

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