Virtual Quest

Virtual Quest gives you 2 options for joining the CHaD HERO. Both options give you registration and full fundraising support with no registration fee. While there is not a fundraising minimum requirement for Virtual Quest, a $75 fundraising goal is encouraged.  Virtual Quest participants also do not receive event amenities, but all of their fundraising is included in the CHaD HERO total.

  1. Virtual Quest lets you participate as a CHaD HERO any time, from anywhere, doing YOUR thing. Race across your state, hike the Appalachian Trail, run a different event or maybe you have another epic idea? Register to do a Virtual Quest and gain access to the CHaD HERO fundraising platform, fundraising support, and of course all of it is to benefit the kids at CHaD. 
  • If you are a kid 23 or under doing a Virtual Quest, we want to connect you with Positive Tracks and Hilary, our Positive Tracks Coordinator, to support your fundraising and help you match your fundraising dollars. Learn more about how Positive Tracks is helping CHaD HEROES sweat for Good!
  • Here are a few of our past Virtual Quests.
    • 2017’s top fundraiser, and CHaD kid, Renee Brandon, organized her own 5K race in her home town and raised $7,000 to pay it forward for CHaD.
    • Former CHaD kid, Jesse Ross, hiked the Appalachian Trail and raised nearly $10,000 for future CHaD kids. Read about Jesse's trek here.
    • Each May the Dartmouth Endurance Racing Team (DERT) does a one-day (overnight) 135mile ultra race across the state of New Hampshire.
  • Virtual Quests can happen anytime between now and December 15, 2017.
  1. Virtual Quest also lets anyone who wants to raise money to support CHaD, but just can't make it to the event or does not want or need the event amenities, such as medal, t-shirt, bib, timing chip or participant food register as a Virtual Quest.
  • This is a great option for families who’s littlest HEROES don’t need the amenities, but want to be counted as CHaD HEROES.