Cam's Course

Named after CHaD patient, Cameron Marshall, who inspired his classmates and community to walk and support him, Cam's Course is a family oriented 1 mile fun run/walk for everyone. It is often where we find our littlest HEROES giving it their all and learning what it means to give back.

The registration fee for Cam's Course is $25, and participants are not required to do additional fundraising. However, fundraising is encouraged, of course! Participants receive the full benefits and amenities of the event including meal, t-shirt, bib and finishing medal.

Cam's Course kicks CHaD HERO day off at 11:15 am on the Dartmouth Green. While Cam's Course is an untimed fun run, ALL Cam's participants are #1 in our book and receive a #1 race bib.

We do ask that a parent or guardian participate with their child/children in Cam's Course. If the parent/guardian is registered for another event element, additional registration is not required. Strollers are permitted at the back of the pack on Cam's course.

Check out the course map and register!

Embrace the challenge and join us as we HERO up and take the oath to protect CHaD kids on October 22! 

HERO Oath:

On Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth
I promise to protect our youth
For every child, mom, and dad
I’ll support the work of CHaD
I’ll be on the Green next year
In my tights and hero gear
To be a part of this great FORCE
And not complain about the course

Contact us if you have further questions about participating at the CHaD HERO.